Patriot Games Film Streaming VF [ 1992 ] En Français HD Gratuit

Rating: 6.6
Patriot Games

Patriot Games (1992) Streaming HD En Français

Patriot Games Film Streaming VF Complet When CIA Analyst Jack Ryan interferes with an IRA assassination, a renegade faction targets Jack and his family as revenge.

  • Release: 1992-06-04
  • Production: Paramount / Mace Neufeld Productions /
  • Date de sortie:US 1992-06-04
  • Budget du film:$45,000,000.00
  • Wiki Page: Games
  • Genre: Drama Action Thriller Crime

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Que disent les gens Patriot Games film

John Chard

Good guys are real good, and the bad guys are real bad.Patriot Games is a more than serviceable thriller, perhaps a bit out of date when viewing it now, but still a very effective good against evil piece. The source material is so dense and intricate it was always going to be hard to condense that into a 2 hour movie, but I feel the makers manage to keep it fleshy whilst making the respective characters interesting and watchable.The acting on show is more than adequate, Harrison Ford is great in the role of Jack Ryan, he manages to portray him as a sensitive family man who can step up to the plate when things get ugly, and Anne Archer is solid enough as the wife and mother caught up in the web of nastiness unfolding.The baddies are led by the brooding Sean Bean who is a little under written, whilst Richard Harris is sadly underused. However, the action set pieces make their mark and thankfully we get a riveting final reel that cements the entertainment deal for time spent with the pic. It is formulaic to a degree, but that is OK if the combined efforts of all involved are spot on, and thankfully here they are. 7/10

Directeur de film et équipage derrière Patriot Games

  • Phillip Noyce/Director
  • Tom Clancy/Author
  • W. Peter Iliff/Screenplay
  • Donald Stewart/Screenplay
  • Mace Neufeld/Producer
  • Robert Rehme/Producer

Patriot Games – Acteurs de cinéma et actrice

  • Harrison Ford/Jack Ryan
  • Anne Archer/Dr. Caroline “Cathy” Ryan
  • Thora Birch/Sally Ryan
  • Sean Bean/Sean Miller
  • Patrick Bergin/Kevin O’Donnell
  • Polly Walker/Annette

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